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JUBILE kinase is a Danish biotech company, which provides „know-how“ on deoxyribonucleoside kinases, phosphorylation of nucleosides, enzymatic synthesis of (deoxy)ribonucleoside triphosphates, anti-cancer and anti-viral drugs, the structure-function relationship of pyrimidine and purine metabolising enzymes, and gene therapy. 

The company was founded in 1999 by three Danish researchers on the basis of their discovery, characterization and enzyme engineering of the ultra fast versatile fruit fly (Drosophila) deoxyribonucleoside kinase. 

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JUBILE and JUBI kinase co-funders are among the co-authors of an article demonstrating that the tomato TK1 kinase is a successful suicide gene against glioma in rats: Khan, Z., Knecht, W., Willer, M., Rozpedowska, E., Kristoffersen, P., Clausen, A.R., Munch-Petersen, B., Almqvist P.M., Gojkovic, Z., Piskur, J. and Ekström, T.J. (2009) Plant Thymidine Kinase 1 – A Novel Efficient Suicide Gene for Malignant Glioma Therapy. Neuro-Oncology (in press)


A co-founder of JUBILE kinase has co-authored a textbook on structural biology: "Textbook of Structural Biology" by Liljas, A., Liljas, L., Kjeldgaard, M., Lindblom, G., Nissen, P., and Piskur, J. (2009), World Scientific, Singapore. Find the book her.

ZGene and Lentigen Corporation have entered licence agreement for selected suicide genes. Some of these genes have been discovered and patented by JUBILE kinase, JUBI kinase and their collaborators. Read pdf-file here.

International Conference on Arginine and Pyrimidines (ICAP) 2006: Invitation to scientists interested in the molecular biology, microbiology, genetics, biochemistry, physiology, structural biology, medical, pharmaceutical agricultural and veterinary applications of arginine and pyrimidines. Read more here.

Jure Piskur, Director, has just been offered the Chair of Molecular Genetics at the prestigious and Nordic largest academic institution Lunds University, Sweden.

Recently Birgitte Munch-Petersen, Director, has been promoted as Professor at the Department of Life Sciences and Chemistry at the Roskilde University, Denmark.

A new biotech company, JUBI kinase, has recently joined a family of the previously established JUBILE kinase and ZGene biotech companies (read more - popup)
In 2002 two patent applications, in collaboration with NsGene and ZGene, on suicide genes and gene-therapy were submitted.
Jure Piskur, Associate Professor at BioCentrum-DTU and a co-founder of JUBILE kinase, has now also his own homepage.
A new biotech company, ZGene A/S, employing deoxyribonucleoside kinases in treatment of cancer, started in the Copenhagen area in November, 2001 (read more - popup) .
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